Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Agencies That Can Provide In-Home Health Care Services for Your Elderly Parent

by Joe Dixon

Most seniors want to stay in their home and maintain their independence for as long as possible. However, illness can make it harder for your senior parent to stay home alone without help. Many seniors struggle with the decision about whether to enter a residential care facility.

It is important that your parent stays active and follow a routine. Your parent may have limitations, but you do not want him or her confined to the house. For these reasons, it is important to utilize community resources. Around 80 percent of home healthcare patients over the age of 65 has a primary caregiver outside of the home healthcare agency.

If your parent wishes to stay at home but needs support, then he or she could benefit from in-home health care services. Read on to find out what agencies can help you with in-home health care.

Companion Agency

Companion agencies are neither licensed nor covered by health insurance. They employ workers with varying levels of training and experience. This agency's services include doing chores, picking up prescriptions and keeping the person company. They are usually small, locally run businesses that are franchises of national companies.

Medicare-Certified Home Health Agency

Medicare-certified home health agencies are licensed by the state. This agency is certified to carry out services from Medicaid and Medicare. They provide personal care services using their own health aides or by contracting with another licensed agency. Personal care services include meal preparation, feeding, bathing, and dressing.

Registry Agency

A registry agency has a database of aides and nurses. This service can give you a name of someone in your area. You must contact and pay the home health aide directly. Registry agencies allows you to interview and hire your own candidates. The benefit of using this service is having access to aides and nurses with experience.

Licensed Home Care Agency

A licensed home care agency provides personal care services and nursing. It is licensed by the state. This service can also provide long-term personal care in conjunction with Medicaid. However, you must pay for most services out of pocket.

You must realize that you cannot take care of your parents alone. Being a caregiver can be overwhelming. You can help your parent retain independence by contacting a home health agency like Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living. This service also allows you to get a break or run an errand to take care of your needs.


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