Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

How To Determine If The Time Has Come For Assisted Living For A Loved One

by Joe Dixon

If you have an elderly loved one that you are responsible for, you might start to worry about whether you will know if it is time to look into assisted living. This is an important step and it is one that should be taken when the time is right. To help you know just when that time is, you will want to check out the following signs.

You Notice Missing Medication

This is not something that you want to ignore, especially as missed doses of medication, or taking too many of certain kinds, can lead to a lot of major health concerns for your loved one. If you notice that there is not enough medication left until it is time to go for another refill, you will want to ask why. It could be that there was a simple error and your loved one spilled some in the sink by mistake. Should he or she have no memory of what happened to the medication and this appears to be an ongoing issue, you might want to look into an assisted living environment. This way, he or she will always be given the proper dosage of medication to ensure that they will be as healthy as possible.

There Is A Major Risk Of Injury In The House

Should you find that your elderly loved one is not able to maneuver around the house on his or her own without fear of injury, then it might be time to start thinking about an assisted living facility. This way, you will not have to worry about your loved one falling down stairs or becoming trapped beneath something that fell. If there ever is an accident, there would be plenty of healthcare employees on staff to come to the rescue.

Hygiene Habits Are Starting To Slip Away

If you notice that your loved one is no longer brushing his or her hair and teeth, showering properly, or getting changed into fresh clothing everyday, you may need to reach out to an assisted living facility for assistance. It is vital for his or her health that hygiene habits are kept up with. At the assisted living facility, they will encourage your loved one to do these things everyday or do them for him or her if they are not able to do so on their own.

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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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