Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

3 Ways To Help Your Loved One Adjust To Life In An Assisted Living Community

by Joe Dixon

People can have a very active life in an assisted living community. However, that doesn't mean that it will not be an adjustment for your loved one. Your loved one is going to have to develop new routines and a new normal, which can be hard when they are used to old habits and ways of life. These tips can help you make the adjustment easier for them. 

#1 Help Them Personalize the Space

The first thing you can do is help them personalize the space. Have them choose their favorite artwork and photographs from home and hang them up on the walls. Put together a new photo collage for them of more recent pictures of friends and family to hang up on their walls.

Next, change the curtains to a color that is more reflective of their personal style. Curtains can help keep their new home warm and are a great way to change the overall feel of the room.

Then, add personal trinkets and nick-nacks to the space that have significant value to your loved one. Be sure to bring blankets and sheets from home as well. Assisted living spaces can be really sterile; help turn the space into a home.

#2 Help Them Stay Active

Next, help you loved one stay active. Make sure that they still have the supplies they need to stay active and involved. Provide them with information about the activities happening at the community center. Come and attend some of the activities together if they are hesitant to go on their own.

If your loved one enjoys activities that they can do at home, such as knitting, building hobby cars, or another similar activity, make sure that they have the supplies on hand to continue this hobby or activity.

#3 Help Them Stay Connected Outside the Assisted Living Community

Finally, help them stay active in the larger outside community beyond the assisted living communities. Make sure that they still feel connected to the larger community. There are many ways you can do that.

You can arrange for friends and family to visit your loved one at their new home. Have those same friends and family members pick your loved one up and take them to their homes or out for activities.

Arrange for outings that help your loved one maintain important social relationships. Help them learn how to use public transportation, cabs, and ride sharing so that your loved one can continue with the community activities that matter to them. Even just continuing to go to the same grocery store and see the same people can be valuable.

Help your loved one adjust to living in an assisted living facility by personalizing their space, providing them with the means to stay active, and helping them maintain their connection to the community at large. For more tips, contact a local senior assisted care center. 


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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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