Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

The Benefits Of An Assisted Living Community Over Living At Home Alone

by Joe Dixon

Independence does not have to be given up when you live an assisted living community. In fact, independence is expected and residents lead a full, active life within an assisted living facility. Basic needs such as meal preparation and laundry are taken care of for the residents so that they can focus on the activity schedule and enjoying life. In an assisted living facility, there are many residents who drive and lead an independent life with friends and family. The purpose is to provide a community so that people don't feel alone and have others around in the event they need a little help. With meals provided three times a day, the pressure of cooking is removed.

Socialization and Peer Support

It's hard to maintain contact with peers and head out to socialize when you are getting older and live at home alone. Living among peers is beneficial because it provides residents with people to talk to all the time, without having to drive anywhere. Others living in the assisted living community are there for similar reasons and the community is designed to create plenty of opportunities for socialization. Peer support can help reduce feelings of loneliness and improve a person's quality of life.

Activity Schedules and New Opportunities

With a full activity schedule, many residents are introduced to new activities that they find enjoyable. From playing games with other residents to heading out into the community to go to a museum, the activity schedule is a big reason many people choose to live in an assisted living facility instead of home alone. Residents often have some say in what activities occur and can help plan activities if they are able.

When Basic Needs are Met

With meal preparation and laundry taken care of, it is possible for residents in an assisted living facility to focus on things they enjoy. While living at home alone, the mundane tasks of laundry and cooking can take up entire days. When these needs are met, there's more time to socialize and participate in activities that are challenging and fun. Residents are still independent within their own apartment and are responsible for keeping their space neat and clean.

An assisted living community offers the opportunity to meet new people and to socialize without having to leave the home. With meals provided and a full activity schedule, the benefits of living in an assisted living community are numerous.

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