Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Why To Consider An Assisted Living Facility For Your Parents

by Joe Dixon

Even though your parents are basically healthy, it does not mean they don't need help with different daily tasks. Sometimes, trying to find time every day to go to their house and take care of the things they cannot is impossible. You stress about the undone tasks and worry that perhaps they are not able to perform other things or that they will get hurt trying to take care of everything themselves. If one of your parents has passed away, leaving the other one alone, the panic and worry multiplies. This is when you need to start talking about an assisted living facility. These places offer your parent the ability to remain as independent as they can while providing the help where it is needed. Here are a few benefits of assisted living homes.


If your parent is no longer able to safely drive themselves to doctor appointments, the grocery store, or just out for some entertainment, they may become a bit depressed. Luckily, an assisted living facility offers transportation for the residents. Your parent will not have to simply sit at home and wait for someone to offer to take them where they need to go. This gives the residents a sense of freedom and independence even if someone else is doing the driving.

Medical Help

While an assisted living place is not a nursing home or other medical institution, they do make sure to have a nurse at the facility at all times. The nurse can make sure the residents properly take their medication, assist with things like catheters and ostomies, and provide wound care if your parent has torn their skin. They can also determine whether a trip to the hospital is needed or if the situation can wait for a doctor's appointment.


There will always be someone on the property checking on the residents. This could be a simple call to the apartment to make sure your parent is awake and feeling well, or it could be periodic checks to ensure that no one has fallen and can't get up. In addition, the apartments are equipped with an emergency call system so that residents can contact the front desk any time assistance is needed.

Assisted living facilities like Sequoia Springs Senior Living allow your parents to have their own place to live, entertain, eat, cook, and go on about their normal daily lives. The important difference is that there is always someone right there to help if they need it.


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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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