Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Indications That A Person May Benefit From Assisted Living

by Joe Dixon

As you grow older, you may become concerned about your ability to live safely on your own. You may be aware of instances where an elderly person did not know when to ask for help or consider an assisted living facility. Nevertheless, there are often signs that present themselves as a person loses the ability to safely stay in their own home.

Here are a few indications that a person may benefit from assisted living services.

The Care Provider Is Weary

Sometimes, an older person receives assistance from a loved one as their daily tasks become unmanageable. However, over time, the caregiver may grow weary or frustrated due to the workload associated with the care. In some instances, the person requiring care may become increasingly dependent, or the depth of their needs may expand. If a caregiver is feeling overwhelmed with their responsibilities or is no longer willing to provide the care, an assisted living facility may be a better option.

Accidents Are Compromising the Elderly Person's Wellbeing 

With age, a person's dexterity may decline. As a result, they may become more accident-prone. Additionally, cognitive functions may suffer, causing the person to make mistakes with medicinal dosages, forget important dates and appointments, and become less emotionally stable. 

With assisted living, the older person can receive the help that they need to minimize the chance of falls, overdoses, and missed appointments. Additionally, the medical needs of the elderly person are closely monitored for needed updates or changes. 

The Person's Home Is Excessively Unkempt

Although it is normal for people of all ages not to keep a perfectly tidy home, when an elderly person's home becomes increasingly unkempt, it could be due to an inability to perform the necessary cleaning tasks.

If the state of the home jeopardizes the health of the elderly occupant, moving the person to an assisted living environment can help ensure the person's living conditions remain hygienic. 

The Elderly Person's Diet In Inadequate

When an elderly person fails to eat properly or regularly, their health may suffer. If an older person cannot prepare their own meals or forgets to eat, they may exacerbate any existing health issues or become malnourished. In an assisted living environment, the person can receive help with meal preparation.

The Older Person Feels Lonely

As a person ages, they may lose loved ones and companions. Thus, they may feel increasingly lonely. Assisted living facilities offer an opportunity for elderly people to interact with other people on a daily basis. They can even participate in group activities that facilitate social interactions.

To learn more about the benefits of assisted living, schedule a consultation with an assisted living facility coordinator. Contact a company, such as Wellspring Meadows Assisted Living, for more information. 


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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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