Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Using Daily Home Care Services To Provide For An Aging Loved One

by Joe Dixon

As much as you love your elderly relatives, you may realize that you cannot provide them with the everyday attention that they need to stay healthy and safe. You especially may come to this realization when one of them comes to live with you.

Instead of trying to provide your aged loved one with attention and services that you cannot muster, you can bring in specialized workers for this purpose. Take advantage of what daily home care services can provide for you and your elderly relative.

Assistance With Showering and Dressing

Despite your elderly relative not being able to stand up alone, or support their own weight, he or she still needs to bathe and get dressed everyday. However, you may not be able to support their weight on your own. You also may not be able to help him or her get showered and dressed safely.

Instead of causing injuries to your elderly relative, you can bring in daily home care workers to assist with these tasks. The care workers have the training and experience to lift and help your loved one walk and stand up safely. They can also help them take a shower or bath and get dressed safely afterward.

Taking Medication

The daily home care workers can also be on hand to help your relative take medicine each day. Your loved one may need medication, like statins and insulin, to stay healthy and safe. However, when you work a full-time job or have other obligations, you may not be on hand to help him or her take these medications.

The daily home care services that you hire can come to your home each day and give medications to your relative. The workers can ensure that he or she gets the right dose of medication. They can also monitor them for signs of side effects from medication and report any complications to their doctor.

Finally, daily home care workers can turn your relative over in bed to prevent him or her from getting bed sores. They have the strength and training to roll patients over safely without causing joints or bones to become dislocated.

Daily home care services can help you care for an aging loved one. They can be on hand to help with taking a shower, getting dressed, taking medications and turning over. 

For more information about daily home care, contact a home care provider in your area.


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