Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

5 Services Provided By Senior In-Home Caregivers

by Joe Dixon

Seniors are valued members of the community who often need a higher level of care than young people require. However, many seniors are healthy enough that they do not require hospitalization or nursing care. In these situations, in-home care can provide elderly people with the assistance they need as well as the freedom to remain in their own homes or apartments. Here are five services that can be provided by an in-home senior caregiver:

1. Ambulatory Assistance

Some seniors may struggle to walk on their own, even with the aid of a cane or walker. An in-home care provider can help seniors move safely around their homes. A caregiver can assist seniors with the tasks of sitting down and standing up from beds and chairs. Caregivers can also steady seniors as they walk around their homes and yards. 

2. Using the Bathroom

Regular urination and bowel movements are necessary for good health. Unfortunately, some seniors have difficulty getting to the toilet on their own. Additionally, arthritis can make it hard for some people to properly wipe themselves after using the restroom. In-home senior caregivers can help elderly people with their toileting needs. Caregivers will provide discrete and sensitive service that allows seniors to maintain their dignity. 

3. Bathing

Seniors may also struggle to bathe. Standing in the shower can be dangerous for people who are unsteady on their feet. An in-home caregiver can help seniors maintain good hygiene by providing showering and bathing assistance. Sponge baths can also be provided for people who are unable to get out of bed due to surgery or injuries. 

4. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help senior citizens regain their range of motion after surgery. It can also help seniors build their strength. Unfortunately, some people may be unable or unwilling to perform their physical therapy exercises on their own. An in-home senior care provider can encourage seniors to complete their daily physical therapy regimens. The support of a caregiver can lead to better physical therapy compliance and improved outcomes. 

5. Light Cleaning

In-home senior caregivers can also perform light cleaning duties. Household tasks can be difficult for people with physical limitations. Fortunately, a care provider can vacuum seniors' homes, wash dishes, put away groceries, and take care of other tasks. By providing a clean and safe home environment, caregivers can lift seniors' spirits and ensure that they stay healthy. Light cleaning services can be performed while seniors rest.

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