Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

  • Senior Living During COVID-19: What You Can Expect

    If you are considering helping your parents move into a senior living community during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be understandably unsure of what to expect from the process and from the retirement community itself. Many retirement communities are taking serious steps to reduce the risk of residents contracting and spreading COVID-19 in the community. Get to know some of what you might be able to expect from a senior living or retirement community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • How To Access Skilled Nursing Services

    As people age, they tend to need more medical care and assistance during daily activities. Going to the doctor constantly can get costly and time-consuming. Registered nurses can provide many of the medical treatments that seniors need on a daily basis. If you need skilled nursing services, there are a few options available to you. Here are three different solutions you can use: 1. Home Care Living at home is the easiest option for many seniors.

  • Why To Consider An Assisted Living Facility For Your Parents

    Even though your parents are basically healthy, it does not mean they don't need help with different daily tasks. Sometimes, trying to find time every day to go to their house and take care of the things they cannot is impossible. You stress about the undone tasks and worry that perhaps they are not able to perform other things or that they will get hurt trying to take care of everything themselves.

  • The Benefits Of An Assisted Living Community Over Living At Home Alone

    Independence does not have to be given up when you live an assisted living community. In fact, independence is expected and residents lead a full, active life within an assisted living facility. Basic needs such as meal preparation and laundry are taken care of for the residents so that they can focus on the activity schedule and enjoying life. In an assisted living facility, there are many residents who drive and lead an independent life with friends and family.

  • How To Pick The Right Assisted Living Facility

    If you're searching for an assisted living facility that'll welcome you as a resident, it's a good idea to approach the process in a thoughtful and structured manner. There will be questions about how well your needs match the services that are offered at the location, but you need to account for other considerations, too. Let's explore three of the most important ones folks often overlook. Location, Location, Location Some people have needs that are severe enough that specialized care ends up being the key factor.

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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

There are many different types of assisted living facilities, and choosing one can be confusing. You want your loved one to be safe, happy and cared for, but how do you know which facility will best meet your needs? My name is Meghan, and I have helped my family place our loved ones in various assisted living homes. I'd like to give you a checklist and questions to ask yourself when you choose an assisted living facility for someone you love; you don't have to be overwhelmed. I can help you find the best place for your elderly loved one.